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Dynamic Sweep Facility

In response to members requests we now offer the “dynamic sweep” for your convenience.

This facility allows you to have money sweep from one account to another to cover a transaction automatically. No ringing us, no logging on to the internet or telephone banking. Imagine – you are at an ATM you know you have funds but they are not in the account your card is linked to- dynamic sweep will, without you having to do anything, sweep the funds from your other account to allow the transaction to process, all seamlessly and no delays. No more embarrassment at the checkout with a trolley full of groceries and the money in the wrong account!

Your cheques and direct debits will sweep the funds from your other accounts if you have forgotten to transfer funds to meet them. You reduce the chance of a dishonour or force pay fee, overdrawn interest and inconvenience.

Simply complete the authority form. You can nominate up to 6 different accounts, other membership accounts too providing you are a signatory.

Our rediATM Network has been expanded to over 3,100 direct charge free ATMs across Australia, please click here to see a list of all available ATMs

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