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new and restructured fees


At Firefighters Credit Union we have reviewed our current fee structure, which has remained static for many years and has resulted in some new fees, some reductions and others have been increased.

The main reason for this is we need to cover our costs in providing services. For virtually every transaction our members make there is a cost to the Credit Union by third parties. These costs have been increasing over time and this necessitated this fee review.

We have elected to minimise the impact of these fees on our members by making them for the most part avoidable provided you, our members, make small changes on how you transact and utilise automated services that we have provided for your convenience.

A full listing of all our fees as from 1st August 2013 is on the back of the newsletter, which was included in your end of June statements or just click here to view.

Examples of how you can avoid paying fees are provided if you click here and for more in depth information can be obtained from talking to one of our friendly staff on 03 8417 1777.


We have removed the transaction fee for personal cheques, adjusted the cheque book fee and removed any free corporate cheques. So rather than requesting a corporate cheque apply for a cheque book or do an electronic transfer.

All credit transactions remain fee free. Our aim is not to charge members fees, we provide the means for you to transact in most instances fee free provided you are willing to make these small changes to your transactional behaviour. This reduces costs the Credit Union incurs and allows us to grow and provide more competitive rates and services for the future.








Our rediATM Network has been expanded to over 3,100 direct charge free ATMs across Australia, please click here to see a list of all available ATMs

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