BPAY 2012 PORT BLUEEasy and efficient way to pay your bills,  BPAY

Even better, BPay® is FREE!
BPay® allows you to choose which account you want to pay from, when you want to pay and how much - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all from one place – via FireNet Internet Banking on any computer or Ezy Access phone banking!
Your Firefighters Credit Union account balance is updated instantly, so you always know where you stand. You will be issued with a receipt number as your record of the transaction. BPay® is the easy, convient and secure way to pay your bills instead of standing in queues or making multiple phone calls.
 No wonder 230 million bills were paid by BPay® last year!
Setting up BPay® is so easy. You can set up BPay® either in person at the Firefighters Credit Union branch or via FireNet Internet Banking.
Be sure to speak to a staff member on 03 8417 1777 or 1300 366 350 for more information.

Benefits and features

All you will need to use BPay® is your Biller Code and Reference number which is located on your bill where the BPAY® logo is placed : it's that easy!

You will be issued with a receipt number as your record of the successful transaction.

  • Pay your bills whenever you see the BPay® symbol
  • BPay® payments from your account are free of charge
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