Access Card Fraud prevention

Access Card Fraud prevention

Advances in technology, including the internet, have dramatically changed the way we live. These days we can do almost everything online, from our shopping to our banking.

Banking is certainly a lot more convenient than it used to be, although having more options means there are also more opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage of unsuspecting cardholders.

Credit card, ATM and internet fraud is a growing problem. And while it can be difficult to keep track of all the latest credit card frauds, if you know how to protect yourself, you will be able to take back control of your finances.

To help combat this problem, following are some useful tips for you to relay to your cardholders to help protect against the risk of fraud.

First and foremost, cardholders should always act promptly if any of their cards are lost or stolen - most thieves use stolen credit cards within 48 hours.

Other important steps include: visa-card-500

 • Sign new cards as soon as you receive them
 • Memorise your PIN rather than writing it down
 • Never give anyone your PIN or your Internet Banking password   
             • Try and keep your card in sight at all times when you hand it over for a transaction
             • Check your cards periodically and make sure none are missing
             • Always be careful to shield your PIN when using an ATM or eftpos terminal
             • Destroy and securely dispose of copies of receipts or anything else that displays your card numbers

If you any concernes about suspect or unusual activity on their account, make sure you have them contact our office immediately to report the fraud and request a new card.

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