Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions can help you save time and effort and even better, it’s FREE!

The Firefighters Credit Union works in conjunction with your pay office to arrange funds to be directed from your pay directly into nominated accounts at the Credit Union. Employees can request their employers to direct credit salaries in full or part to any of the many Credit Union accounts. Contact the Credit Union staff to arrange this free facility.

So whether you need to make payments for loans, special purpose accounts or just even putting a little away each pay to your ‘emergency’ fund, there is no need to keep remembering to transfer funds - payroll deductions look after it all for you.
It is easy to set up payroll deductions to any Firefighter accounts.

Simply download the Payroll Authority Form, complete and fax it back to us on (03) 8417 1799.

Or for MFB and CFA, download and complete the MFB/CFA Payroll Authority Form and return by fax to (03) 8417 1799.

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