Safeguard Your Personal Identity

Protecting your personal details in the online world.

  • Don’t give away information about yourself you don’t want the world to know

  • Be careful what others reveal about you as well, your home or identity details can be gained by others without adequate controls being in place

  • Ensure privacy settings and controls ensure no-one can gain access except you to social and other sites you access

  • When shopping online stop and think what information am I giving out, be realistic an online shop will NOT need your personal identity details such as Date of Birth

  • If you scan and store identity documents on your computer, laptop or notebook ensure you use virus protection and up to date security software so no-one can access your information and impersonate you

  • Take care with card information always look for encrypted and reputable sites and report anything unusual when transacting online to your financial institution (US)

  • Scams, dating sites and promises of lottery winnings are lures designed to capture YOUR financial or personal details- so be aware of entering any personal or financial information into an email


Safeguarding your Identity everyday

  • Ensure important personal documents, cards and cheque books are kept safe and secure

  • Personal identity documents such as your passport, birth certificate, drivers licence, cards, banking statement and utility bills should be stored securely

  • Don’t respond to e-mails requesting information about yourself unless you have initiated the transaction and you are certain it is needed Keep disclosure to a minimum

  • Never disclose your card PIN (Personal Identification Number) to anyone

  • Securely dispose of financial statements, card receipts and other personal documents with care. Shred or pulp before you throw them away –your identity CAN be recycled so TAKE CARE.

  • Check account statements carefully and if you find an unfamiliar transaction, contact (us) immediately.

  • ENSURE YOU LOCK YOUR MAILBOX- always every time, mail is like a valuable commodity to criminals

  • Missing or postal theft of important documents such as licence or registration renewals can signal a problem – contact authorities to check and advise if something has not reached you

  • Always take the card to counter/cashier to pay for a transaction when making a transaction.

  • Report lost and stolen cards, or suspected fraudulent use of your card account, to (us) immediately.

  • Keep a note of your our after hours and overseas telephone numbers so that you can report lost or stolen cards especially when you go on holidays

  • If you move house make sure you contact your financial institution and all other organisations to give them your change of address

  • Arrange to hold or redirect your mail if you are going on holidays or for an extended period


Easy Tips to ‘Safeguard Your Personal Identity’

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