Access your money with convenience

A Visa debit card offers you the control and convenience of spending your own money.
You will have the freedom to shop securely online, over the phone and when travelling overseas.
All cards have a smart chip, making them almost impossible to copy. This offers increased protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraud.
Your Visa debit card provides access to a global payments network spanning across 200 countries and including 1.9 million ATMs and millions of merchants.
Apply for a Visa debit card today! Simply complete an application form and return it to the Credit Co-operative.

Reporting LOST or STOLEN cards

Report lost or stolen cards please phone us on 03 8417 1777 immediately
If after hours phone 1800 648 027 (AFTER HOURS ONLY AND ONLY FOR LOST AND STOLEN CARDS)
All other enquires for cards MUST come to 03 8417 1777.

Connecting more Australians with their money in more places.

Did you realise as a Firefighters Credit Co-operative cardholder you're eligible to use the rediATM network?
rediATM is one of Australia's largest ATM networks.  It has more than 3000 ATMs across Australia, including BOQ Atms.
And there's more good news. As one of our cardholders, you pay no direct charge1 fees2 at any rediATM, so we're better value too.

Find your nearest rediATM using the online locator or download your free Android or iPhone App.

1Direct Charging was introduced by the Reserve Bank of Australia in March 2009, allowing ATM owners to charge a fee directly to anyone who uses their ATMs. This fee must be disclosed upfront, providing the customer with the option of cancelling the ATM transaction without incurring the fee.
This means that if you use an ATM outside of the rediATM network, you may be charged a fee.
2Although no ATM direct charge fees apply, individual account charges may still be payable. Please refer to our Fees & Charges, or contact us for more details.



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