Withdrawing money from your account is easy and convenient with a Firefighters Credit Co-operative Cheque book.

There are many benefits in having your Cheque book linked to your Access & Savings Facilities. A Cheque book allows you to pay bills conveniently and you don't need to visit the credit Co-operative to obtain counter cheques; instead you simply use cheques to pay your bills by mail or in person.  Please note that fees and charges may apply.

Your cheque book also assists you to budget your money. When you fill in the cheque butts, you have an up-to-date record of your expenditure. At the end of each 6 months, you will receive an itemised statement detailing all your transactions. That way you can keep track of where your money is going.

If you need more frequent information, you can use our FREE Telephone Banking service at any time to "track" cheques you have issued.

Some helpful hints when using or writing cheques:

  • Ensure you have sufficient funds in your account when you write a cheque and always fill in all details on the cheque - the words and figures must agree.
  • Complete the cheque butt so you can check transactions against your statement, and write "not negotiable" across each cheque.
  • Immediately contact the Firefighters Credit Co-operative if a cheque or cheque book is lost or stolen.
  • Do NOT ever sign "blank" cheques.
  • Keep your cheque book in a safe place.
  • NEVER forward date cheques.

A cheque book offers you convenient access to your money.

If you have any queries or require further information on cheque books, please contact one of our friendly staff members on 03 8417 1777 or 1300 366 350.

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